Lead Republik is a data driven iGaming affiliate network, built on real time software and designed to help marketers fully optimize their advertising campaigns.

About Us

With more than 15 years in the industry Lead Republik is a real-time analytics machine, designed to offer the highest paying deals and ROI for affiliates.

Tracking Click level integration

Tracking done down to a click level enables affiliates to need only one dashboard to maintain, optimize and track their campaigns.

Data Breakdowns Visual interface integrated

The visual data breakdowns make working with the software intuitively easy while still offering every data point to scrutinize and optimize.

iGaming affiliate network member

Lead Republik is a data-driven iGaming affiliate network.

15 Years of industry experience

With more than 15 years in the industry, Lead Republik is a real-time analytics machine.

Data 1st campaign optimisation

With a focus on data first, Lead Republik offers everything that you need to run deeply insightful and profitable campaigns.

The Lead Republik difference

  • Real-time up and downstream data
  • All deal types (CPA,CPL,Hybrid,rev)
  • Multiple geo options
  • App tracking and building options

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